Previously I have discussed about the legendary players who always present always with various kinds of experiences outside of general, here is my home discussed about the three figures that I have discussed before, but the three figures below are those who are the players PokerQQ288 poker god site online real money and poker agent Indonesia legendaries most trusted in the global origin on others, this berdasrkan due to general news on social media facebook where I asked who is the player who you know the most and this he is the top three choices:

1) Joseph Jagger

he is an English engineer who has a hobby of gambling, this time the most trusted Poker Online game that will be conquered is a roulette machine where he believes that there is something he can do to conquer the machine. Finally he hired six workers to record silently-how the roulette machine works, so much so that he saw the recording he finally concluded some numbers that often came out of the roulette machine compared to other numbers. Knowing that Joseph set the tactic and practiced it personally which eventually Joseph was able to show his calculations by winning 60,000 pund sterling or approximately 1, 1 billion dollars in just 3 days.

Two) Don Johnson

when walking to the ceme always confiden that the whole game there is always in the manipulation, so Don formed his own trick that finally on one night Don Successfully brought back the money as much as 6 million US dollars or worth 72 billion rupiah. It’s a stunning number considering he got it with just one night in atlantic city, but not just that Don was playing in three Poker overnight using the total win he managed to collect worth 15 million US Dollars or about 181 billion Rupiah. The most interesting thing is all Don’s victory because he only play blackjack so it certainly occurred to us that this don is already adept at playing tricks in playing Blackjack,

Three) Edward O.Thorp

Edward Oakley Thorp or known by Edward O Thorp, known as the father of card counting or card counting. Remember when we study opportunities in mathematics, we poly find a problem like what is the chances of getting out the red colored deck card? Or something like that, pastry If you have learned about an opportunity chapter in the math lesson you will be familiar with the matter. Understanding whether you sellau produces a headache when I answer it started from a poker player named Edward, beliou finally managed to apply the calculation of the card to the real world with a lot of experiments about the cards. No wonder Edward is a professor of mathematics and a master’s degree in physics, he’s a genius.

I personally remember the legendary poker player Edward O Thorp who has been instrumental in applying the card game to the global concrete and now his knowledge has been useful in one of the school’s learning eyes, mathematics.