Poker is an ordinary card game played using a bet. The game is very simple. As well as, which produces this exciting game precisely lies in the stakes. Without betting, the game is monotonous and usually lasts very briefly. However, using bets, either by using real money or fake chips, the tension can increase as a result the game becomes more exciting.

Poker is a card game whose age is old enough. The game may have evolved as a result created a variety of PokerQQ288 game rules poker god online real money online and poker agent trusted Indonesia . In fact, in Indonesia, a Cap-Sa game is known, partly the idea of ??picking up the origin of the Poker game. The difference, Cap-Sa remains delicious to play without using a bet. I’ve played one of the Poker games. Reportedly, the Poker game I’ve played is commonly played in Las Vegas. The difference, When in Las Vegas using real money, We use btg matches to mock money. Here it is how to play:

Each player puts an initial bet (for example, 2 btg lighter).

Bandar distributes cards starting from the player to his left, then distributed clockwise until each player receives 5 cards.
After all players get five cards, each player is entitled to add a bet. If there are adders, then other players must also increase the bet equally. If there is a player who does not dare to increase the same bet, then the player is declared dead. Matches that have been placed in the betting area should not be taken back.
After no more players want to add the stakes, then the game continues.

The game continued from the player on the left side of the city. He is allowed to exchange one or several cards with the card held by the bandar. May not swap at all. Followed by the next player

After all players redeem the cards, then each player may add more stakes. Same as before, all players have to come in. If anyone adds a bet. If not participate, then he is declared dead.
After the betting is over, each player opens his card. The best card, among the non-dead, is declared the winner. The winner is entitled to reach all the matches on the bet table.

That’s how the Poker game is done. Simple is not it? But, the question is, how to choose a beautiful or not a card? How to determine the winner of the game? Basically, a Poker game is a game of luck, or we call it Hockey. Yes. Hockey. Therefore, the player who gets the most difficult card produced (is, has a very small chance of occurrence) means the winner. Thus, a beautiful sequence or not a compulsory card is calculated mathematically using using probability theory. Here are some combination of recognized cards in Poker:

Royal Flush

order of Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and AS. They all have the same flower and the same hue.

Straight Flush

5 in sequence and all have the same interest. For example two 3 4 5 6 same interest and same color but different from royal flush because mandatory start from card 10 until card Alaihi Salam.

Four of a kind

Four homogeneous. For example, there are four greetings alaihi gamabar above. One remaining card does not form anything.

Full House

dough comes Three of a kind Q with One Pair 8. No cards that do not produce anything (full).

Flush The

five cards have the same flower and hue, but not in sequence.


five in a row. For example, 5 6 7 8 9, however.At least one card must be different flowers and hues with others.